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The Ginnans

Hey, we're John and Caity Ginnan. We have 3 kids, Tessa, Greyson, and Karis. We serve as NY Youth Alive Missionaries. Youth Alive® is a church-assisting ministry which provides local churches with the leadership, network and resources to grow a movement of middle, jr. high and high school campus missionaries who are activated for the social and spiritual renewal of their schools. We give leadership, network, and resources to grow a movement of grade 7 to 12 students transforming their communities with the Message of Hope, Jesus Christ

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The People

Gen Z Stats 

• Nearly half (45%) of U.S. Gen Z teens say they never attend  church or any kind of religious service. 

• Gen Z is twice as likely to identify as atheist compared to  previous generation - confirm 

• 1 in 4 Christian Gen Z teens currently read their Bible weekly  or more frequently. 

• 1 in 4 Gen Z teens say their mental health is poor. • Suicidal thoughts among youth are on the rise. Ages 5 to 17  visited hospitals for suicidal thoughts or attempts about twice  as often in 2015 as in 2008 


The Location

The school campus is strategic for the local church to reach  the next generation, their community, and the world.

• At estimated 20% of one’s community is gathered at the  school every day. One of the largest employers in every  community is the school district.  
• 1.2 million grade 6-12 students in New York in  
approximately 2800 schools. 
• 2000 elementary schools, each can define an individual  New York community.  
Source: NYDOE data 


What does the Ginnans' ministry look like?


Training Students and Leaders

Helping students start campus clubs


Resourcing pastors and students to reach their schools


Help church's connect with school's through school assembly's

Student and Leader Cohorts


Launch Night Live


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