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David Hertweck

Main Speaker

David has served as the lead pastor at Trinity Assembly of God in Clay,NY, since January 2018. Previously he served the New York Ministry Network (AG) for 7 years as the director of youth ministry and Chi Alpha. David is passionate about helping local church leaders create and sustain disciple-making environments marked by Gospel Fluency, Spirit Dependency and Biblical Community. David travels the country speaking at leadership and youth ministry conferences. David is the author of three books, Good Kids, Big Events and Matching T-Shirts (My Healthy Church),The Word and the Spirit (GPH) and Better Talks (NYMN).David is also the editor of A Gospel Catechism (NYMN). He has his MA in Transformational Leadership from Northeastern Seminary. David is married to Erin and they have three daughters: Lilia, Caraline and Madelaine.
Twitter: @DavidHertweck
IG: @DavidHertweck



Q & A  Co-Host

Jared currently serves as the New York Assemblies of God  youth and Chi Alpha director. Before that, he served for 10 years as a youth, college, and discipleship pastor in Long Island NY. Jared is the co-host of The Multiply podcast which focuses on leadership and discipleship and Better Student Ministries which focuses on creating healthy youth ministries. Jared loves the New England Patriots and great food. He's been married to his wife Jen for 15 yrs and has two children, Judah and Charlotte.

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Q & A  Co-Host

Mark Freeman currently serves at the Communication and Resource Director the New York Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God and previously served as a full-time Youth Pastor for 12 years. Mark has been involved in youth ministry for over 20 years and still has a desire to see students become lifelong followers of Jesus. Mark is thankful that he can partner with the local church and youth ministries to provide resources that train, equip and inspire youth leaders all over the state.