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one world.


We are all made in the image of God. No matter where you're from, what language you speak, or the color of you skin we are all HUMAN. We were made to reflect the image of God and that means that no matter what divides us, we are more united because of Jesus. He makes our world one.

one mission.


As followers of Jesus we all share a common mission. We're here to help the world see and know Jesus. How we do this looks very different depending on the context, but the mission is the same. Make disciples of Jesus. 

one heart.


As individuals, we can't all go into every part of the world. As a family we can. Through you praying, giving, and going we can be apart of spreading the Gospel to every part of planet. 

A new missions initiative from Speed the Light – New York


Consider adopting one of our one heart projects:

The Benecasas


Joe and Mary Benecasa serve in Napoli, Italy, a melting pot of international English speakers the Benecasas hope to reach. Their mission focuses on three people groups – Internationals, refugees, and US servicemen and women stationed in the area.

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The Mattocks


Isaiah and Heather Mattocks currently serve in Columbia, joined by their three children. They've partnered with King's Castle to bolster their discipleship and outreach to youth, as well as SuperIntendent to plant churches and support the local pastors.

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The Ginnans
John and Caity Ginnan currently serve as Youth Alive missionaries to the New York Network. Their ministry helps equip and empower students to be the light in their communities, whether at school or in their homes.


The Ritchies


Craig and Kaitlyn Ritchie serve as Chi Alpha missionaries at Queens College in Queens, New York, reaching the school's diverse student body. Through building relationships and providing fellowship opportunities, they're bringing the Gospel to the students of QC.

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