Andy Estrella is the Director at Missouri State Chi Alpha. Andy also serves as XA Director for the Southern Missouri District. Andy graduated from Central Bible College where he received a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies. He has now been serving in Chi Alpha for the last 14 years. Andy believes in discipleship and has created a missions giving culture within the MSU Chi Alpha group. The missions program at MSU Chi Alpha now leads 9-13 missions trips each year which includes around 100 students.  Andy is married and has 3 amazing daughters. When not spending time on campus he can be found playing disc golf and exercising his “spiritual” gift of hanging out.  


New York City is known for being the birthplace of the musical genre hip hop. Hailing from this great city, the world has been introduced to many talented artists. The borough of Queens has produced many of these artists, from LL Cool J and Run DMC, to Nas and 50 cent. On that list from Queens, is Christian Hip Hop Pioneer R.I.C.H better known as Richie Righteous (Pastor Richard Ishmael.) Born in Guyana and raised in Queens, Pastor Rich and his wife SherryAnn have used their music ministry to speak boldly about faith in Jesus.

In 2001, Pastor Rich and Sherryann were married and together they started the music ministry, Rich Records, that has sold independently over 100,000 records and has toured worldwide. His performances and ability to preach has landed Pastor Rich on well known networks like TBN and BET. He has also been featured on projects like the Bible Experience and American Bible Society Elements of Life project.

In 2009, the couple now married with two children, begun to transition into the roles of Pastors. Rich and Sherry, under the mentorship of Pastor Elizabeth Ishmael began to fill the role of Pastors in the church his father planted. 

Today Pastor Rich and SherryAnn are happily married. They have four wonderful children. Sehven, Savannah, Shai and Silas. This family serves the community in Queens NY